Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Social networking addicts updating from bed, bathroom

Study shows 48% check Facebook, Twitter at night or first thing in morning - How many times a day to you feel the need to check in on Facebook or Twitter? Would you interrupt dinner to do it? Would you interrupt a date to do it?
If you answer yes to any of those questions, you might just be a social media addict.
Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are occupying more and more of users' time, according to a study released Wednesday by Retrevo Inc, a consumer electronics shopping and review site.
Andrew Eisner, Retrevo's director of Community and Content, noted in a blog post that the recent survey of 1,000 Americans showed that many people appear to be obsessed with trading information with their friends, family and co-workers.
The Retrevo Gadgetology study shows that 48% of those polled say they update Facebook or Twitter during the night or as soon as they wake up. And 19% of people under the age of 25 say they update Facebook or Twitter anytime they happen to wake up during the night; 11% over the age of 25 say they do the same thing.
The study also noted that 42% check Facebook or Twitter first thing in the morning, with 28% of iPhone users saying they do it before they even get out of bed.
"Among social media users, it appears almost half are so involved with Facebook and Twitter that they check in the first thing in the morning," said Eisner in the report. "With 16% of social media users saying this is how they get their morning news, could we be witnessing the first signs of social media services beginning to replace Good Morning America as the source for what's going on in the world?"
In fact, 54% of those polled said they get their morning news fix by logging onto Facebook and Twitter.
People seem so into their personal tech that they don't mind being interrupted from dinner, during a trip to the bathroom or even during sex. The study found that 40% of respondents don't mind being interrupted by a text message; 32% said interrupting a meal for a message is OK, while 7% said they'd even check a message during an intimate moment. Eleven percent of those under the age of 25 would interrupt sex for a message, and 24% under 25 would answer a message in the bathroom.
"Some of this can be ascribed to the newness and freshness of the social networking craze," said Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group. "With many people, it will probably smooth out as they become more used to it. However, there will be a percentage of people who become somewhat addicted to social networking -- to checking up on it, to maintaining it, to extending it.
"This could cause problems in their real lives as it consumes more and more of their time and attention," Olds said.
Eisner said he's not declaring that social networking is a danger to people, but he is concerned about some of the numbers he saw.
"We're not qualified to declare a societal, social media crisis, but when almost half of social media users say they check Facebook or Twitter sometime during the night or when they first wake up, you have to wonder if these people aren't suffering from some sort of addiction to social media," he said.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Reasons to buy Microsoft Windows 7

1. An operating system that works the way your customers want.
Windows 7 is fast, stable and compatible with third-party applications and devices. It lets users keep working with the applications and devices they use today.

2. A cost-effective, simple installation process.
Windows 7 will be delivered as a single image; separate images are not needed for each edition or SKU. This simplifies installation and can speed up order fulfilment.

3. Partner opportunities for offering Windows XP Mode.
Windows XP Mode provides the flexibility to run older Windows XP productivity applications in a virtual Windows XP environment. Windows XP Mode is only in Windows 7 Professional and above, and is only available either through OEM pre-installation or post-purchase installation.

4. Works on a wide set of P.C's.
PCsWindows 7 is optimised to work on many hardware specifications, thus offering customers a range of PCs according totheir business needs and budgets.

5. Increased flexibility in meeting customers’ needs.
Windows 7 offers prominent placement for value-added software and hardware – a feature not available in Windows XP.

6. A modern operating system for today’s businesses.
More features including: fundamentals of performance and longer battery life; fast startup, shutdown and resume from standby; advanced search and indexing; and sophisticated networking capabilities.

7. A product worth having.
Windows 7 has received high praise from industry experts, top-name bloggers and everyday users.


Why choose Windows 7 over XP or vista ?

Why is Windows 7 better than Windows XP ?

Windows 7 is easier to use, more reliable, more secure and faster than Windows XP.

• Windows XP is nearly a decade old, with limited support for new hardware and software, while Windows 7 has been specifically designed to meet the growing expectations of users, with more sophisticated networking, mobility, entertainment, data protection and compatibility features.

• Windows XP mode in Windows 7Ultimate, Professional and Enterprise still gives the compatibility.

Why is Windows 7 better than Windows Vista ?

Increased performance, reliability and security.

• Improved user interface and wireless networking, and more comprehensive troubleshooting.

• Easier transition between work and home with features like Location-Aware Printing

Why invest in Windows 7 ?

• Bring long-term value to your business, while helping your workers be more productive at home, at work and on the road.

• Faster, more reliable, more secure and easier to use than older PCs running Windows XP or Windows Vista®.

• More sophisticated networking and mobility features help workers access their programs, files and resources away from the office.

• PCs with Windows 7 can do more to protect your valuable business and customer data
• Compatibility features let you run many of the applications and devices you use today.

I’m going to wait for Service Pack 1 before installing.

We’re aware many customers waited for Service Pack 1 with Windows Vista, for various security patches and fixes. With the robust and earlier testing of Windows 7, this release is very stable and therefore we advise you to deploy now.

Any required patches and fixes are automatically updated through Windows Update in real time. With Windows 7 being faster, more reliable, more secure and more productive, the benefits are available to you now.


Windows 7 Upgrade Offer

Windows 7 was released last week and to mark the event West Coast Solutions is launching its Microsoft Widows 7 Upgrade offer !

Upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium for just £199 !

included in that price is the following:

Your own Genuine copy of Windows 7 Home Premium.

Back of all existing data from current operating system and restore onto new windows 7 platform.

Setup and configure PC to the exisitng broadband or wifi connection.

backup and restore any current emails and setup email client.

N.B/ If you want to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional price is £240, package includes all of the above but with a copy Windows 7 Professional..


Monday, 7 September 2009

Scarlets Player Sponsorship

West Coast Solutions are proud to sponsor the Scarlets player Aaron Shingler for the forthcoming season.

Aaron had an outstanding season last year. Crowed Principality Premiership most promising player, as well as scoring a 50 meter Try in the Swalec Cup final, the Hendy product has a bright future ahead of him and we wish him and the Scarlets a successfull season.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Using Twitter to Enhance and Promote your Website

Many websites have already been taking advantage of Twitter and a little time and effort you can grow your followers on Twitter who might find every update or link posted through your profile useful, but the fact that they subscribed shows that they have an interest in the topic (product or service) your website covers and they will certainly click through to topics that grab their interest.

To find out how you could use Twitter to improve your website listing and drive sales, contact us at West Coast Solutions.

Either ring us on 0800 055 5073 or email us at info@westcoastsolutions.co.uk


What is Twitter ?

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service, that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.
Updates are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them. The sender can restrict delivery to those in his or her circle of friends (delivery to everyone being the default). Users can receive updates via the Twitter website, SMS, RSS, email or through an application such as Tweetie, TwitterFon, Twitterrific, Feedalizr or Facebook. For SMS, four gateway numbers are currently available: short codes for the United States, Canada, and India, as well as a United Kingdom-based number for international use. Several third parties offer posting and receiving updates via email. Twitter had by one measure over 3 million accounts and by another, well over 5 million visitors in September 2008 which was a fivefold increase in a month.

To find out how you could use Twitter to improve your website listing and drive sales, contact us at West Coast Solutions.

Either ring us on 0800 055 5073 or email us at info@westcoastsolutions.co.uk

Also for more information go to the Twitter website at: http:twitter.com